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Shana Chester

Realtor Associate

Shana’s success in the real estate industry can be attributed to her passion for helping others, which is demonstrated over her ten years of experience in the customer service industry. Coming from a place of hard work and mindfulness, Shana has served clients coming from all walks of life and has built many meaningful friendships and connections over the years. Often regarded as a top performer in her work, she strives to gain new knowledge daily and exhibits adaptability and a tenacious approach to problem solving. With both short term and long term outcomes in mind, Shana handles situations with the the utmost integrity and care.

Shana is driven within the Real Estate Industry by her desire to connect people with a home that will not only change but enrich their daily lives. She loves to share her knowledge and insight to consult and empower people around one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their lifetime. Her approach to clients starts with education and clear communication to make the decision process easier and often times fun. Shana has always operated as a full-time agent, and this proves to be an advantage in an ever-changing market. She is quick to learn the shifts in the market and nimble to adapt, providing her clients with the clear advantage. She is a strong advocate for her client’s best interests and proven herself to be tactful in negotiations, a win-win mindset gets all parties great results.  At her core Shana strives to build meaningful relationships through her daily actions.

Born and raised in the Seattle area Shana easily notices the similarities the Pacific Northwest has with the Bay Area, while at the same time she has fallen in love with all the differences. When she is not finding her clients the perfect house she enjoys spending time with her close-knit family, fishing, kayaking, and cooking. She loves to travel and learn about new places, cultures, and especially cuisines; she is always on the hunt for new restaurants and flavors. She is open to being a “guidebook” to those looking to explore and learn a new area. She is empowered to look for unique ways to give back to the community and “make someone’s day!”

“The greatest reward I find in my work is how often I get the chance to connect people with something that they are going to love; this often makes me feel like I've never worked a day in my life.”

-Shana Chester