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Town of Woodside

Woodside is a small incorporated town in San Mateo County with a population
of about 5,300 residents. Home to many Silicon Valley elite who treasure the
rustic splendor of the community, Woodside is among the wealthiest towns in
the United States. Offering a pleasing balance between country appeal and
casual sophistication, Woodside feels miles away from the metropolitan
bustle, yet enjoys a convenient location easily accessible to both San Francisco
and San Jose. Half Moon Bay is just a scenic drive over the hill.

The tiny retail district features a handful of low profile businesses including
fine restaurants, a hardware store, grocery store, post office, gas station and a
few others that align with the understated elegance of the community. Buck’s
Restaurant is a town favorite, known among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as
the location where many VC investment deals have been signed.

Residents and visitors look forward to annual community events including the
Kings Mountain Art Fair and 4 th of July Junior Rodeo. Horses are part of the
local culture. Numerous residents keep stables, and the town government
maintains a network of horse trails. Woodside is also well loved by cyclists
and runners, with miles of trails, Old La Honda Road, King's Mountain Road,
Cañada Road, Southgate Drive and Skyline Boulevard offering scenic courses
for long weekend workouts.

The post-World War II building boom brought more than 500 houses to the
area, inspiring local residents to get together to protect the rural appeal of
their special community. Grass roots groups including the Arts & Culture
Committee and Back Yard Habitat Committee work to preserve the unique
atmosphere of their one-of a-kind neighborhood.

Woodside is home to several diverse enclaves including Woodside Heights,
Skywood/Skylonda, Kings Mountain, Woodside Glens, Woodside Hills, Family
Farm/Hidden Valley, Mountain Home Road and Emerald Hills. The town is
served by the Woodside Elementary School District, a standalone entity of
Woodside School with approximately 300 students in transitional
kindergarten through 5th grade. Middle students are served on the same
campus, and then transition to Woodside High School or one of the many
nearby private high schools.