Investing in real estate creates opportunities for building wealth, providing financial security, and leaving a legacy for your family. Selecting a team to help you in the local market could determine a good investment, or a poor one. 

Developing & Investing

The Caroline K. Huo Way



Not all Realtors understand investments since purchasing or selling a personal residence is quite different from purchasing or selling income property.  Our clients have had great success in buying, selling, and exchanging their properties, from duplexes to multi-unit buildings. We are happy to provide a list of clients for reference.




Real estate trends and seasons, who the renters are, occupancy rate, fantastic neighborhoods for appreciation, neighborhoods which look amazing but may not generate the highest yield…these are just some of the data you will need in order to make the best decision. Our team studies and provides this valuable data for our clients at a macro and micro level in order for you to make the best possible decision. 





We conduct a thorough initial consultation in order to determine your ultimate goals and how we may help.  Are you only looking for income or is appreciation your primary goal? Is this a ten-year purchase or a property to be held for retirement? These are just some questions we ask to uncover your goals and ensure that we help you achieve them.





We consider our expert resources as part of our team. From property managers to estate planners, tax advisors to 1031 exchange experts, these expert resources coupled with our team’s services provide a holistic experience for our clients.