Buying Your Home:

The Caroline K. Huo Effect

Buying a home like in today's market can be a highly stressful and time-consuming, which is why choosing the right agent to advise, negotiate, and close have never been more important.  That is why we take an approach to make the the home buying process easy for our clients. One of our team's key points of difference, and one that our clients find great value in is that we are micro-market experts, knowing data down to the street that you are looking for. 

Our specialized professionals will use their expertise to find your dream home, and work closely with you to ensure as little inconvenience as possible.  

Our number one priority is to fid a property that you love, within your budget, and that has the upside for appreciation.











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Our Plan

Buying your home has never been easier.  We will listen to your needs, exceed expectations, provide "white glove" service, negotiate, and shift the burden finding and closing on your dream home to our team.

Phase One

Initial Phone Call

The initial phone call is typically 30 minutes. This helps us to understand your real estate needs and make sure we are the best fit for you, your timeline, and your expectations.

Buyer Questionnaire

We like to meet in person with you in person and take you on a customized Home Tour based on your home search criteria.  Some items we like to discuss with our sellers include:

Phase Two

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved is one of the most important steps when starting your home search.  The pre-approval, will help let you know you have been approved for and how much you can afford. This will allow you to focus on only the homes that you are financially able to make an offer on.

In addition, in this market, we want to provide a complete and strong offer, which includes the pre-approval letter from your lender.

Phase Three

Home Tour

We like to meet in person with you in person and take you on a customized Home Tour based on your home search criteria.  Some items we like to discuss with our sellers include:

  • Your timeline

  • Your desired outcome

  • The current market and your competition

  • Create a plan of action based on our conversation, to best meet your goals 

  • Discuss your selected neighborhoods in detail

  • Dive deep into the micro market comparable analysis of the cities you have indicated in your property search questionnaire.

  • Suggest areas that we fit will meet your criteria that you have not selected.

After our meeting, we will take you on a home to view properties in your desired neighborhoods that have recently sold and are currently on the market. By completing the home tour we can weed out the areas that you may not be ideal and focus on only those that fit your exact criteria.

Phase Four

Property Search

We set up an MLS portal search so you receive notifications of properties that are within your specified criteria.  Our buyers team also visits potential properties that we feel you may be interested in during brokers tour.  Lastly, our Team is part of the Top Agent Network (TAN), which is an invite only membership for the top 10% of agents.  On TAN we hear about upcoming listings and off-market opportunities for our clients.


We will personally show you the properties that you are interested so we can discuss the pros, the cons, and next steps should you decide to write and offer.  In addition, we will send you homes each Friday that are having open houses over the weekend for you to visit.

Phase Five

Make an Offer

In this market, there is typically an offer date that is set where sellers will review all offers.  We will review all disclosures with you, visit the property, and prepare all offer documents for your signatures.  To help make our offer strong, we typically like to include the following

  • Buyer Family Letter - tells a little bit about you and why you like the home.

  • Pre-Approval Letter

  • Proof of Funds - to show that you have the liquid funds to cover the deposit, or cash if an all cash offer. 


Our team will keep you informed of all the steps and process during escrow.  Once the purchase of your home is official and recoded with the county, we will notify you immediately of the exciting news, and coordinate the hand off of all keys  to the new buyers.

Important timelines in the escrow process include: 

  • Buyer Initial Deposit - typically within 1-3 business days of the                                                                                       ratified contract.

  • Additional Inspections/Contingencies removal: in our market , we are still seeing NON-CONTINGENT offers

  • Appraisal: If there is a loan, the lender will require an appraisal and approval by the underwriter.  We will attend the appraisal on your behalf to let the appraiser in the home, show the features of the house, inform them of the offer process, and answer any questions they may have.

  • Signings:  Both the buyer and seller will need to sign closing paperwork.  You will need to be present to notify documents. As a complementary service to our team, our escrow officer will sign documents at our office. We also attend the signings to answer any questions.  If you will be traveling domestically or would prefer to sign in more convenient location, we are happy to schedule a mobile notary.

  • Final Funds in Escrow: Typically within 1-2 days before close of escrow all the buyer funds and lender funds will be deposited into escrow.  We confirm with escrow once all funds are deposited, and are set to record with the county.

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